• EduTech Seminar

When and How to Reskill?

18 June 2021

SberUniversity cordially invites you to attend the EduTech seminar "When and How to Reskill?” that will be held online on 18 June at 2 p.m. Moscow time.

The Digital Transformation and the COVID-19 crisis have given rise to constant changes. As a result, there’s a need for a new skills paradigm for both employees and managers. A recent McKinsey survey found 87% of executives said their organizations are currently experiencing skill gaps or expect them to emerge within a few years. According to the Deloitte report, only 17% of employees are ready to adapt, reskill and take on new functions. How can companies tackle the problems of tomorrow?

At the EduTech seminar we will have a good look at tactics companies are using to close skill gaps and will be pondering the following issues:
  • How do reskilling and upskilling initiatives differ from current development programs?
  • How to design a reskilling program that will meet the needs of tomorrow?
  • What role does the LnD play in workforce reskilling?

Participation in the seminar is free. Simultaneous translation into English will be provided.
Speakers and presentations
Speaker 1/8
Igor Baranov

Vice-Rector for Teaching and Research, 

Speaker 2/8
Nick van Dam

Professor, Chief Learning Officer,
IE University

Speaker 3/8
Ksenia Martynova

Managing Director, Head of Talent Acquisition,

Speaker 4/8
Natalia Zhuravleva

Managing Director, Head of Career and Development Division of HR Competencies Department,

Speaker 5/8
Peter Lemmens

Learning Leader,

Speaker 6/8
Oksana Kosachenko

Sistema Foundation

Speaker 7/8
Yulia Shcherbinina

Head of HR Business Partnerships, Projects and Recruitment Department,

Speaker 8/8
Viacheslav Yurchenkov

Head of the Centre of Advanced Learning Technologies,
SberUniversity (moderator)

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