• EduTech Seminar

Reskilling Talks: Ways to Stay in Demand in Labour Market

16 November 2021 , online, 2pm
The labor market does not exist in a vacuum: it is influenced by many trends that cause large-scale changes. Some jobs become obsolete and are abolished, and emerging professions in which the labor market is in need are instantly in short supply. For many workers, this means either losing their jobs or a serious change in their career path. At the level of organizations and the state, there is a need to overcome the emerging personnel and skill gaps by creating mass reskilling programs.

At the EduTech seminar we presented the analytical report "Reskilling Challenge for the New World of Work", prepared by Sberbank University together with the Institute of Education of HSE University, and discussed the research and answered the questions:

  • What are the main trends affecting the world today that require reskilling?
  • How are jobs and skills changing?
  • What skill set do people need to develop for a job they enjoy?
  • What reskilling models are used by organizations?
Speakers and presentations
Speaker 1/7
Nadezhda Surova

Director of the Competence Center "Artificial Intelligence", University 2035

Speaker 2/7
Martin Möhrle

Director, Corporate Services & CLIP, European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)

Speaker 3/7
Igor Baranov

Vice Dean, Education and Research, SberUniversity

Speaker 4/7
Natalia Pavlyk

Executive Director, Head of Training Methodology, Sber

Speaker 5/7
Ilya Korshunov

Deputy Director, Professor, Institute of Education of HSE University

Speaker 6/7
Dmitry Zubtsov

Head of the Academy of Technology and Data, SberUniversity

Speaker 7/7
Viacheslav Yurchenkov

Head for Advanced Learning Technologies, SberUniversity (moderator)

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