• EduTech Seminar

Gamification for learning: keeping it serious

25 February 2021, recording

Gamification has penetrated our lives. It is exploited in the service sector, advertising, developing business processes, human resources management, and other areas. Gamification has become an effective means in education as it improves motivation and engagement in learning, enhances students’ confidence, increases knowledge retention, and the number of completed tasks.

Despite the compelling arguments, questions remain: is gamification always appropriate? Does it suit everyone?

At the EduTech seminar we will learn the fine grain of gamification and will be pondering the following issues:

  • Do adults need gamification or is it a privilege for children?
  • Game, gamification, or simulation: which is best for learning?
  • How to choose the mechanics of gamification for educational tasks?
  • How can games help evaluate outcomes of the learning?

Simultaneous translation into English is provided.
Speakers and presentations
Speaker 1/6
Rob Alvarez

Associate Director and Adjunct Professor
Founder of Professor Game podcast

IE University

Speaker 2/6
Tatyana Chernigovskaya

Scientist of Neuroscience and Psycholinguistics,
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education,
Head of Institute for Cognitive Studies, St.Peterburg University

Speaker 3/6
Vetushinskiy Alexander

Research Fellow at Faculty of Philosophy,
Moscow State University,
Scholar of HSE Art and Design School,
Expert at Laboratory of Gamification, Sber 

Speaker 4/6
Ivan Nefedev


Why42 Gaming Club

Miroslava Bronnikova

Founder and Development Director

Why42 Gaming Club

Speaker 5/6
Marina Kazantseva

Scholar, Business Coach,

ITMO University

Speaker 6/6
Viacheslav Yurchenkov

Head of the Centre of Advanced Learning Technologies,
SberUniversity (moderator)

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