AETAS is a chatbot-based corporate training and onboarding service for mass hires, with ready soft skills trainings and in-depth analytics for the management.

The service improves the efficiency of training and onboarding processes by 35% and helps to reduce the number of routine tasks for expensive employees.

It would suit companies that offer jobs for operators, sales assistants, couriers, and client support service. The manager’s intuitive dashboard allows to assign trainings with 2 clicks, work with analytics and save the company’s resources otherwise spent on designing trainings.

Advantages of the service

  • The catalogue of available trainings covers topics ranging from EQ to speech development and is constantly updated

  • The service helps to organise quality networking within the company using joint homework tasks and random coffee via chatbot

  • It visualises in-depth analytics, the link between business KPI and training results, and creates an individual development track for each employee

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