Session Design® website is your assistant for designing productive group discussions and sessions.

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Based on the technology developed by Alexander Durorov and Liudmila Dudorova, inspired by both Russian and global experience in the field of facilitation and management, web service supports managers, HR professionals, facilitators, coaches and team leaders in developing strategic and team sessions, corporate events, brainstorming sessions, and project team meetings.


  • design productive discussions without external help;

  • save time on preparing sessions;

  • quickly and easily create on-demand event scenarios using an extensive library of more than 200 methods and ready-made scenarios developed by professionals.

Benefits for corporate use:

  • managers can now prepare and conduct effective team sessions without involving external providers and HR department;

  • collaborative team development of sessions;

  • internal corporate database of past and future sessions;

  • training of internal facilitators and clients.