NeuroAngel is a service which evaluates quality of educational process and supports creation of individual learning paths based on psychophysiological metrics.

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NeuroAngel will be useful for instructional designers at corporate universities and other educational organizations aimed to personalize the learning process and improve the quality of the educational process.

The service allows to:
  • determine excitement and complexity of the course;
  • determine reasons for low academic performance connected with teaching style;
  • identify disadvantages of the educational content (topics which are difficult for understanding; boring materials, classes which cause too much stress);
  • identify the relevance of the course for the student;
  • identify the reason for low student performance.

The main advantage of Neuro Angel is the possibility to realize quantitative measurement of students’ psychophysiological reactions and to correct the learning path of every student or to improve educational content.

Neuro Angel provides the following metrics:

  • Focus – shows if the student is focused on the educational process, if he is focused on the subject, if he can pay attention.
  • Interest - shows if the student is interested in the subject and involved in the educational process.
  • Cognitive load – shows if it’s difficult to understand and process new information for the student.
  • Stress – shows the level of emotional tension connected with the reaction of avoidance.

NeuroAngel is integrated into informational and analytical systems. It’s able to provide data in the format most comfortable for the user.