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We offer everything you need for the development of modern leaders – from 15 people group sessions to large-scale events for 600 or more. The campus provides a full range of services for organizing turnkey events, from concept development to implementation.

Conferences and strategy sessions, team building of any complexity and format, fairs and business forums, trainings and coaching sessions – our team of professionals is ready to cater all needs.

Event Format

We will work out all the preparations for the event and provide you with the most convenient and effective format for your business needs. We will plan, develop, execute, conduct, provide and supervise. Our events are supported from A to Z. Campus team is always on the spot, any time you need them. Our experience, creativity and campus infrastructure will make your event the highlight of the year.

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Business events

Strategy sessions

Team building of any complexity

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Fill out the application and we will develop a program of your event especially for you!

Corporate events

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Conference halls

SberUniversity Campus spacious facilities make it possible to accommodate a variety of projects at the highest level. There are 38 classrooms in the Corporate University building that will allow you to hold programs with a variety of formats and learning technologies. All classsrooms have modern equipment for presentations, seminars and other types of learning.

You will be consulted on all questions: