Knowledge Bank

A unique collection of business-related content on a variety of topics

The SberKnowledge media project is a unique collection of materials created to support the self-education of Sberbank managers and specialists.

Articles, analytical reviews, expert interviews, book selections and life hacks cover a wide range of topics in business, technology and leadership skills.

Experts from various fields of science and culture, Sberbank leaders and members of the business community contribute to the project.

The collection is available in Russian.

Sber library is a unique collection of business literature by the world's leading authors on various topics.

The selected books are United by the idea of helping you set yourself up for self-improvement and unlocking your inner potential.

The business literature market is growing every year. Books selected by Sber's top management for their employees remove the painful problem of choice. Thus, you can be sure you are looking at the best publications that provide real working advice.

Sber Library series is being published since 2011 and already includes more than 90 books.

In 2019 a new series {Sber Library: Artificial Intelligence} has been released. It is designed to broaden readers horizons and immerse them into the trends and specifics of new technologies.

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